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Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to Reality

I've been considering creating a blog focused on atheism for a while now. My impulse moment came when the opportunity to create an atheist team on the lending to the poor web site

Check out the team here.

I think it's important for freethinkers to organize our support for the well being and education of other humans (home sapiens) on Earth.

This blogs goals are to discuss atheist philosophy and promote our Kiva Team (since this is also the team web site). If any team members have suggestions for the "We loan because" and "About us" sections of our team page, please leave comments. I tried to make them as simple and inclusive as possible. Being freethinkers I'm sure we all have our own reasons for lending ;)

Why am I writing on atheism? Because I love reading about religion and trying to understand why my fellow humans are so gripped by the concept of gods. I find the study of religion and religious people can bring insights on the nature of human beings.

1 comment:

Ron Hager said...

Thank you for starting the blog and the Kiva group. This fits well with the comments of myself and others at

"Religious people give their money to religious organizations. In turn these religious organizations buy art, precious metals and other valuable items and adorn their churches and temples with them. Because they are a charitable organization these purchases can and are carefully hidden away in the accounting records. Atheists give their money to organizations that use it to help the poor and needy of the world. Atheists do not spend their money glorifying themselves as do all of the religious organizations. Have you heard of many atheist organizations? Of course not, they are too busy helping people and they don't glorify themselves constantly. Have you heard of many religious organizations? Of course, all the time, because they do nothing but glorify themselves."