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Sunday, September 7, 2008

$10,000 loaned. I'm so proud

I'm so proud to have discovered all these atheists hiding in the Kiva bushes. In 11 days we have loaned $10,000 to the working poor. We are team number 3 in terms of members and amount of money loaned (we are team 4 in terms of number of loans but inches from spot 3). Great work everyone!

I took a screen shot to remember this moment. We are 20% of the way to our 2008 year-end goal.

I cannot wait until there is a greater inventory of loans... I have an idea or two to increase our membership. If anyone else has ideas they want to share please leave a comment.


Atheist said...

Hi Peter,

Can you contact me at
atheist2 at
yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Number 2 now, in terms of members! Well done.

Luke said...

Excellent idea Atheist Monkey. I've joined. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello budy !
i was looking at kiva's website and it drove me on your blog. Atheist Monkey, pretty interesting. Here is the deal i bring up for you. Go in your room alone, close your door, and standing in here just ask JESUS to show you that he is Lord. You dont risk anything doing it honestly because he doesn t exist. Here is an advice in case you do it honestly. Repent yourself quickly... And go ask to one of this poor guy your re raising money for, how can he be happier than you are with so few !

God bless...

Tropical Pete said...


By what theory would I be able to communicate with Jesus? Where is he?
How does he hear me? My voice (which carries but a few dozen metres)? or my thoughts (which carries but a few centimetres)? How can he hear my thoughts? How will I know if he responded?

Is his voice quiet? Is that why I would have to be in a room with a closed door? Are those instructions somehow special to calling upon Jesus?

And since there is no risk I may as well ask for ZEUS and THOR as well?

Did you try with ZEUS and THOR?

Reason's Whore said...

If Jesus only talks to you in your head, how can you tell the difference between reality and fantasy, jtko?

Thanks for organizing this, Atheist Monkey. I should point out most of the funds lent are probably historical...I'm sure you've figured that out by now. Still some pretty impressive numbers and a great statement to the theist community!!!