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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Loan-A-Thon: April 1st 2009

Our next Loan-A-Thon is April 1st, can't wait because they are always so fun. Let's work to stretch our lead and help reduce poverty in the world.

We recently got a nice mention from one of our team members on the blog Daylight Atheism and a link from Reddit

Kiva released an API recently that allows for some cool Kiva related Web Apps to be created. Here's one that crossed my desktop: Kiva World

In a sad turn of events for Canada, the Minister for Science is ignorant of the factual nature of Evolution (Google

By Peter


Andy said...

You're right, that whole article in the Globe was weird. He could have been more tactful in his answer.

Bruce May said...

I agree that the subject has been hijacked. But being honest with ourselves we can surely agree that a unique human life does begin at conception, right? Scientifically speaking based upon the DNA of that organism we'd have to say that it's life cycle begins there for it can begin nowhere else. I don't always like the truth, but I'm strong enough to face it. No sense deceiving myself about something so obvious.