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Saturday, October 31, 2009

2nd Annual Halloween Loan-A-Thon

Our Halloween Loan-A-Thon has already started, so come and join the fun. This is our 2nd Annual Halloween Loan-A-Thon and and since last years Halloween Loan-A-Thon was our first ever Loan-A-Thon (suggested by team member Shaun/Chelsea) it makes celebrating this one extra special.

During Loan-A-Thons our members try to stretch themselves a bit beyond what they would normally loan and add some new money into the Kiva system. We cheer each other on and join in on the lively discussions on our team board.

For this Loan-A-Thon we are also engaging in another good deed for Kiva. We are participating in the America's Giving Challenge on Facebook. Read some background information on this challenge from Kiva.

Challenge Details:
WHEN: Halloween Loan-A-Thon [between 3pm October 31st and 3pm November 1st EASTERN time]
WHO: Our team members and Loan-A-Thon participants
WHAT: Donate $10 to Kiva using thru Facebook Causes:
WHY: Help Kiva win a daily prize and help give a big boost to the Overall challenge and help Kiva win $50,000.

By Peter

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