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Monday, March 21, 2011

April Fools 2011 Loan-A-Thon

Our April Fools 2011 Loan-A-Thon is just around the corner. This year's April Fools Loan-A-Thon will be held during the 48 hour period from April 1st to April 2nd 2011 (Pacific Time... of course you're always welcome to celebrate in your own time zone). To participate in the Loan-A-Thon all you have to do is make a loan (preferably with new money you've added to Kiva specifically for the Loan-A-Thon... but recycled money is always welcome) during the specified time frame and, if you like, post to the team message board to let everyone know you've participated.

Our current lending total is $3,712,350 and it will soon be time to guess when we'll hit the $4 million milestone.

Our April Fools Loan-A-Thon is best described by Joe from our team:
April 1st - We're no April Fools! We will not waste our money tithing to a religious organization when we can do some actual good by lending capital directly to our fellow Humans who need it!
Some members of our team like to make pledges in advance on the team message board for how much new money they plan to loan during the Loan-A-Thon. I'll make mine on the board...



Unknown said...

atheists are uneducated boobs. They have no concept about reality or have anything to live for.

Unknown said...

Pot calling kettle...come-in kettle... Though I'm assuming you have been told what to live for, everything else appears to be dead-on.

JJDG said...

@ Markwardt Family: love the live and let live attitude! Religious people are intellectually lazy. Rigorously question, then chuck the handbook, become morally responsible, and live while you are alive.

ElizaDay418 said...

Wheee! Mr/s Markwardt, stop hating and give thanks to the deity/nondeity of your choice that there are people in the world pro-active enough to do something joyous, helpful and merciful for doing something kind and generous for no other reason than to be kind and generous. if more people who called themselves good christians/jews/mulsims acted like the people who read this blog and participate in these events, i might begin see religion as a worthwhile endeavour, but, as it stands, i just don't.

as for me, i'm *thrilled*. what a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday

devans-cosmos said...

Friday, April 1st, 2011 is my first day on my "new" job. I definitely want to share my good fortune by participating in the April Fools 2011 Loan-A-Thon.

Good Luck to everyone.

Fabiooltje: said...

Congratulations, Devans00 . I hope you will enjoy your new job and its salary!

I'm celebrating the fact that I haven't been fooled today, yet... Hurrah!

Katrina said...

So in an "April Fools Loan-A-Thon", you are or are not loaning out money? You do see how that could be confusing?

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john said...

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I'm celebrating the fact that
I haven't been fooled today.
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Nadeem said...

I hope you will enjoy your new job and its salary,
I am celebrating the fact that I have not been fooled today....

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