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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. A day to remember all the Canadians who fought and died in World War 1 & 2 and all the other wars Canada has fought in.

Lets also remember that we fought WW1 & 2 to protect England and not to protect Canada. Believing in Nationalism and God contributes to soldier enlistments and the war machinery. Like the great John Lennon said imagine a world with no countries and no religion, nothing to fight for and nothing to die for (I paraphrased).

One of the major generational gaps between my generation and that of my grandparent's generation (McCain's generation) is my generation's view that our loyalty should be to humanity and to peace not to god and to country.

Whenever we remember war we should think about peace. We should think; who are the real heroes of peace? I would argue that Gandhi and the Dalai Lama were last centuries heroes of peace. Gandhi used non-violence to win independence for India. The Dalai Lama choose peace and non-violence over the sovereignty of his country.

The youth of the world are ready to move beyond war. War does not benefit the common man and be careful not to make yourself a pawn in a horrible game. We need to send a message to the wealthy 1% who fabricate these wars in order to profit from the war machinery (remember 50% of the USA budget goes to the military). Maybe, in the New Year, we will see a grassroots campaign to charge George Bush, Dick Cheney and their crew with war crimes for invading Iraq. To see them answer for their crimes would be a joyous justice!

By Peter


Anonymous said...

i agree...v spend way 2 much effort rmbrng wars than those who wrk to avoid wars...
on another note its gandhi not ghandi.. i bring this up coz ghand means pe*is or an*us or vag*na...can quite recall which one...and reading ure blog made me laugh even tho i am not quite sure exactly what ghand means....i probably laughed coz i am not a fan of gandhis and he apparently gave up on sex or something so that makes it funnier...not sure if i am making sense..still laughing...yeah i know my mental age=5yrs...
however, the dalai lama - well m a huuuuge fan...

hula_girl said...

I think you have a typo in your post. US Military spending in 2007 was 20% of the budget.