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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We just passed 100K in loans!!

Congratulations to everyone on the team, we have made it to $100,000+ in loans. We are 2/3 of the way to our year end goal of $150,000.

Lately there has been some really good discussions on the message board and Jim from our team setup a Facebook Group; thanks Jim! Here's the link.

We are now ranked #2 in terms of total number of loans and we have closed the margin considerably under the category of total money loaned.

Hello to all the new team members; this team is doing a great job at growing. Nobody but Team Obama can compete with our membership numbers. Who knew there were this many monkeys lurking in the Kiva bushes ;)


Unknown said...

Yay us!
Thanks for your role as our Kiva team lead.

Ed Zwart said...

How do we attract some of those Obama team members over to our side now that there little election party is over?

Bryan said...

We've now moved into 2nd place in terms of total amount loaned.


Cesar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cesar said...

Hi, this is Cesar from Kiva's team "Para Mexico". Just stopping by to congratulate your group for its success. Keep the good work !

Isaac said...


I almost joined the Obama team, (since when does someone I vote for win?!), but an Atheist group helping to debunk the whole nihilist myth... well, that's just cause to donate enough, let alone the the fact that through Kiva we can actually directly help people who need it greatly.

I am very glad I happened upon your group! I've posted you on my blog and will try and support the good effort. I'll also add a link in my blog links if you'd like.

-Isaac (the simian-cephalopod)