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Saturday, June 20, 2009

July 1st 2009 - Loan-A-Thon

Loan-A-Thons are always an exciting time for the team. With all the interesting discussions going on lately on the message board, I'm sure this Loan-A-Thon will be lots of fun!

Congratulations to everyone on passing the 600K mark in loans; we are well on our way to passing our year-end goal of loaning $1 million.

We've got a couple new polls on the blog, check them out and cast your vote.

Joe from our team has given a good explanation of the July 1st Loan-A-Thon:
In honor of those throughout history who have thrown off the yoke of oppressive governments in July, we will lend capital to our fellow Humans who need it so that they can throw off the oppressive yoke of poverty!
In addition to that we are also celebrating Muhammad Yunus' Birthday, which is June 28th [close enough :-) ]

By Peter

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Greetings Pete & Rajvee,

Just a suggestion (to consider)for the Loan-a-Thon descriptions - where you refer to our Kiva entrepreneurs as "in need": changing the references "in need" to "with a passion to realise their dreams and affect positive change in their lives and that of their community" - or something along those lines.

This suggestion is only to draw attention to the power of words - memes - and to honour the true spirit of our borrowers, yes?

In Love,