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Friday, July 3, 2009

July 1st 2009 - Loan-A-Thon Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the July 1st Loan-A-Thon. I think it was a successful day of lending :)

Now that we have a few team members keeping statistics we can reflect on our past lending history.

JimNZ made note of our totals for the 24 hour period Pacific Time on July 1st.
Aaaannnddddd we're done for the July 1 Loan-a-thon! July 1 has just finished in Pacific standard time, which is the home location.

Our finishing position from this 24 hours :

Number of Team Members 4666
Number of Loans 21814
Number of Loans per Member 4.68
Total Amount Loaned $656,900.00
*Updated as of Jul 02, 2009 12:31 am

The starting position :

Number of Team Members 4646
Number of Loans 21544
Number of Loans per Member 4.64
Total Amount Loaned $649,750.00
*Updated as of Jun 30, 2009 12:31 pm

So that's :

20 new members
270 new loans (at $25 each, that's $6750)
$7,150 loaned (therefore some loaned more than $25 to a recipent?)

Daniel R's stats page doesn't seem to be in the same timezone as, but does show a satisfying jump in total value.

I noticed by looking at the graph below that it looks like we lent more on the April 1st Loan-A-Thon than the July 1st Loan-A-Thon, however a significant amount was lent on July 2nd so maybe some people got their loans in on the second; we're not all in the same time zone so I like to think the Loan-A-Thons are really the first of the month with a 12 hour grace period before and after the special day :-)

Another thing I noticed is that on Loan-A-Thon days we loan approximately 75% as much as we do on the 15th of the month when we get our recycled money. So we should all pat ourselves on that back for our Loan-A-Thon results since most of the Loan-A-Thon funds come in from "new money".

By Peter


Nate said...

Why don't you take the statistics from the chart there, and conduct a basic t-test.

Unknown said...

you guys are idiots ever think about charity almost every catholic church has a collection box especially for charities. And ever heard of the 700 club. stop trying to show up christianity yeah i see what your doing your trying to show us up instead of try to help people for the sake of helping your try to say that just because your not christian doesnt mean you dont give well of coarse thats true.

AllanDuke said...

I just started recently.

Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious will be the only group I sign up with on kiva.