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Saturday, August 1, 2009

AASFSHNR & FSM in the news

Cathy Lynn Grossman from USA Today wrote an article focusing on our team in the Faith & Reason section of the newspaper. A think it's a good piece which brings attention to our team's raison d'etre and Kiva's important social mission. Hopefully Kiva see some new lenders thanks to that press.

Cathy asks in her conclusion if giving can be faith-free and still have "values"...

My response would be...

Giving aka altruism is a phenomenon of nature's animal kingdom and we humans are only one example of altruism in nature. People are genetically predisposed to altruism and not religiously predisposed to altruism. People, religious or not, don't get their values from religious doctrines. Our cultural "values" evolved naturally over time.

By Peter

1 comment:

AllanDuke said...

Thats a great little USA Today blurb!