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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

July 1st 2010 - Loan-A-Thon - Praise Muhammad

Praise Muhammad... Muhammad Yunus, of course, Nobel Peace Prize winner and the grandfather of micro-finance. This years July 1st 2010 Loan-A-Thon is in celebration of Yunus' birthday (June 28th). Yunus created the micro-finance industry decades ago by founding the Grameen Bank and the social business philosophies developed there are sweeping the global.
The Loan-A-Thon will take place during the 48 hour period from July 1st to July 2nd 2010 (Pacific Time... of course you're always welcome to celebrate in your own time zone). To participate in the Loan-A-Thon all you have to do is make a loan (preferably with new money you've added to Kiva specifically for the Loan-A-Thon... but recycled money is always welcome) during the specified time frame and, if you like, post to the team message board to let everyone know you've participated.

Some team members make pledges in advance for how much new money they will be lending during the Loan-A-Thon to encourage others to follow their lead. Personally, I pledge $100 in new money towards this loan-a-thon.

We have raised $1.5 million dollars since last year at this time. Our current total is $2,158,675.00. We are rapidly approaching 10,000 team members.

Joe from our team gives a good explanation of the other reason we celebrate on July 1st:
In honor of those throughout history who have thrown off the yoke of oppressive governments in July, we will lend capital to our fellow Humans who need it so that they can throw off the oppressive yoke of poverty!